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Chemical Synthesis Laboratory Technician

Posting Date: March 16, 2017

We are seeking an experienced chemical synthesis laboratory technician to assist with our ongoing production. The ideal candidate will demonstrate proficiency in synthetic lab processes as well as great attention to detail.


Assist the senior chemists in all areas of bench chemistry, including:

Setting up reactions (equipment, reagents), monitoring by TLC, work-up and extraction

Column chromatography, including preparing solvent systems and monitoring by TLC

Crystallization, distillation (including high vacuum)

Purity control: melting point, refractive index, TLC

Operation of gas tanks equipped with flow regulators

Maintenance of laboratory equipment (vacuum pumps, rotary evaporators, stirrers, etc.)

Cleaning of laboratory glassware

Safe handling of materials and equipment up to 30kg / 70lbs


PhD degree in Chemistry

BSc degree in chemistry or biochemistry, or degree in a closely related field with handson experience in a chemical synthesis laboratory

Experience with chromatographic separations is desirable

Proven experience with chemical reactions, work-up and purification of compounds

Proficiency in safe handling of gas tanks and operation of laboratory mechanical equipment

Demonstrates strong knowledge of lab safety standards, including handling of hazardous materials and safe waste disposal procedures

Highly detail-oriented, diligent, and adaptable

Able to assist with multiple projects at the same time

Very good communication in English

Qualified candidates should send a resume by email to the attention of Dr. Eva Goss, President & Senior Scientist, at .

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