Senior Scientist

Eva Goss, PhD
Dr. Eva Goss has worked as a synthetic chemist in Canada, Australia, and Poland for over 30 years. She draws on her background in the Chemical Technology of Drugs, on 13 years as a Group Leader in a major Canadian manufacturing lab, and her ongoing commitment to the latest synthetic practices through participation in important international conferences.

Dr. Goss founded the Synthose laboratory in 2006, then as Synthose

She has assembled a highly experienced team of dedicated carbohydrate specialists and continues to develop and oversee all R&D. Find out how she can assist you with your R&D project.

PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences (Chemical Technology of Drugs)
Medical University of Lodz, Poland, 1987
MSc, Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
Medical University of Lodz, Poland, 1977

Dr. Eva Goss can be reached at: